Classified terms and conditions

  • Advertised vehicles must be made prior to year 1986
  • You can place maximum of 5 classified ads per day (in all sections)
  • The number of pictures to insert with your ad is 30 - format jpg, gif, PGN , max 5 megabytes each photo
  • Video format (single file) - format FLV, WMV, MPG, AVI, MOV, 3GP, MP4 (max. 50 megabytes)
  • The entire text of an advertisement shall NOT be written in capital letters - the name of the ad , the beginning of sentences , names, brands and types of machines to begin in capital letter
  • Minimal description of the advertised product is required, - it is just simply not enough to place pictures with no description – as advertisements must be inserted into correct columns and sections
  • dvertisements may contain links to other Web content or have HTML code, as well as Annex ad (photo - video) - for this section links
  • We do not support sales of replicas
  • Your phone number and email address must be in the correct form - pattern is: +420777124456 - without gaps
  • In the entry form you may enter a single phone number. Do not type your phone number in ad text description
  • The same rule applies to entering the E-mail address, type it only ion the form, not in ad description text
  • Advertisements must not contain vulgarity and social commentary
  • The user may not place multiple ads for the same thing (goods, machine ...) – in such case, your ad will not be published
  • In case of repeating violations of these rules and conditions, you will “disqualified "from our website permanently
  • When inserting photos to AD, the user agrees with their eventual placement in the gallery section on this site
  • When placing the ad, use either a phone number or E-mail address, (or both)
  • Administrator RESERVES THE RIGHT NOT TO PUBLISH LISTINGS, that he finds to be a “bogus” or the ad has unreasonable terms
  • Use accents (bars, hooks, dots and capital letters where applicable)
  • Please delete old already invalid ads
  • Be factual, the number of characters for description is unlimited (however, please refrain from “Hello or “thank you” (this is not a chat room)
  • Write ad without spelling errors (read it to yourself, twice).  The texts of a kind: “Sell ya parts that look like old car parts but I duno for sure,  i just pulled those out of septic tank”  will not be published!
  • When you try to advertise more small items, like spare parts for motorcycle of one type or brand, please use one ad only, with multiple photos (up to 30 photos)
  • Ads are shown during the 36 - month period, after that they will be automatically deleted
  • Advertisements, which you insert bookmarks into, then they appear when you click on the "My bookmarks" - you can find it in the classifieds section at the top right
  • Ads can sort by columns (left column above - Advertising) by moving the cursor to the individual data, section and then continue moving the cursor
  • Advertisements shall be kept 3 years, if it is not deleted by the user through the menu - see below
  • If you edit your ad thru the menu after 30 day period, you ad will be placed in the first place again
    Each listing has its own menu - the key to the right of the main image ad , which alows you to:
  • to place an ad in bookmarks – in custom box you will see your selected ads, deleting cookies cleans the data
  • ignore the ad - click on the ad you ignore your ad does not appear if you want the ads to appear again, you must delete cookies files
  • EDIT - edit text, change or add to photos, editing ad after 30 days from the publication will put you back in first place
  • delete Ad
  • View all ads by user
  • respond to ad - using our form
  • Recommend advertisement - sending anyone link - via email - to ad
  • Print advertisement - Prints and photographs
  • TOP/Highlighting ad - excellent service - New: TOPování ad - for the selected period of validity shall be no nonTOPovaný (ordinary) ad appearing above the TOPovaný (incl your ad). Options are - 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 days
  • Highlighting your AD - distinctive tint color ad, stronger headline, highlighting the time 90 days

Prices of extra services

Highlight the ad:
distinctive tint color ad, validity 90 days - price 45, - CZK

TOPování ad:
during selected period of validity shall no nonTOPovaný (ordinary) ad appear above your TOPovaný advertisement
  7 days - price  40, - CZK
14 days - price  80, - CZK
21 days - price 120, - CZK
28 days - price 160, - CZK
35 days - price 200, - CZK

    To insert an ad, the submission form now offers two new fields:
- Price – use it to enter the sale amount for your goods (in the case of selling more trinkets with different prices please specify the price within text of your ad)
- Currency - you can choose from four (CZK , EUR, USD , GBP)
   When you view ads in classified section you will see a menu item line which appeared on the right - CURRENCY
- If you leave selection “ALL”, the ads will display the currency that was selected by user while filling the ad entry form.
- If you choose a specific currency, all ads will automatically recalculate to display price in currency selected.
- The current exchange rate is used for currency conversions, (decimals are rounded to the whole numbers). If you have an existing ads placed on this website where the prices are still mentioned in text of your ad only, you can correct it simply by using the menu (click on the key logo - right of the photo advertisement) and edit the add by typing the price in a currency of your choice within the appropriate boxes.

IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT THE ABOVE RULES AND CONDITIONS, YOUR AD MAY NOT BE PUBLISHED. These measures introduced to the classified section are applicable to all entries and to all visitors of this website to make the advertising clear and concise for all.
Thanks for understanding; we wish you a lot of fun while browsing our website.


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