Cadillac V8 341A Sport Phaeton 1928

This Beautiful Sporting Cadillac is restored to Concours Standards around 20 years ago. It’s owned by the owner for 17 years and used for some tours and concours d’Elegance It’s been showed at the Villa d’Este concours. The car is equiped with a lot of original accesoires ; a folding tonneau cover with it’s own , separate windshield, a spotlight mounted on the running board , dual side mounted spare wheels , a removeabke trunk. The engine is rebuild last year, including a new exhaust , fuel tank and converted to 12 Volt. The car is in good running order , ready for any tour or concours. This is one of the best looking American Phaeton bodied cars I’ve seen.


Cadillac V8 341A Sport Phaeton 1928Cadillac V8 341A Sport Phaeton 1928Cadillac V8 341A Sport Phaeton 1928Cadillac V8 341A Sport Phaeton 1928Cadillac V8 341A Sport Phaeton 1928Cadillac V8 341A Sport Phaeton 1928Cadillac V8 341A Sport Phaeton 1928Cadillac V8 341A Sport Phaeton 1928Cadillac V8 341A Sport Phaeton 1928


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Cena: 19 950 €
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This Model A is restored around 30 years ago in the USA. At that time with a new interior and top. Now showing his age, has patina. But in good running order, starts easy and cruise at 50-55 mph. The car has nice accessories like; the Flying Quail, L...


Ansaldo Tipo 4A 2 Seater 1921

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Annie: an Unique vintage car. Built in Italy in 1921 as a rolling chassis, powerful engine with modern techniques such as overhead camshaft (OHC) and a crossflow cylinder head. Shipped to New Zealand, equipped with a 2 seater sporty open body, built ...


BMW 501 Barockengel 1954

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Cena: 9 500 €
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Bmw 501 Barockengel project including donor. Car has been in a barn for 40 years and needs to be restored. Has German registration papers. Nice and complete interior, front bumper is missing. Price: € 9500.- for 2 cars.


MG J2 Supercharged 1933

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Číslo inzerátu: 92490 (Auto - Prodej)

Restored by the previous owner to a high level. Engine rebuild with modern crank and conrods. Rebuild Arnott Supercharger. Close to J3 Specifications. Very nice instruments including clock and vacuum meter.


Ford V8 Cabriolet VandenPlas 1932

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Číslo inzerátu: 92359 (Auto - Prodej)

The First Production year Ford V-8. This car is coachbuilt by Willy Van den Plas in Paris, France. In my opinion one of the nicest designs on a Coachbuild Ford. Retained all its life in France. Restored many years ago. Recent new convertible top and tyres. Mille Miglia Eligible.


American La France Speedster 1919

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This very impressive speedster is restored 20 years ago. The car is a real eye cather at every corner of the street. It has an electronic ignition , and the engine runs smoothly. Chain drive, 3 speed gearbox, 14500cc, 6 cylinder engine. It has an ele...


Locomobile Model 38 Limousine 1917

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Very rare World War One period build Limousine. In very nice original condition. Impressive brass car, 6 Cylinde r, 7 litre , T Head engine In running order. High quality build luxury car.


Oakland Model K 40HP Touring 1910

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Cena: 75 000 €
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The Model K was the top model of the 1910 Oakland range with a big 5200 cc, 40 HP , L-Head Engine. This is the last “big” car build by Oakland before bought by General Motors and one of the very few excisting Oakland Model K’s. This car was displayed...


Simca 5 Fourgonnette Michelin 1938

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Cena: 17 950 €
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Very rare model of the Simca Cinq range. Painted with period Michelin advertising. Complete with the Michelin icon on the roof. Very good car to promote your company. To use as a foodtruck and a nice high light for in your collection. In good running order, NL Documents.


Chrysler B70 Roadster 1924

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Cena: 39 500 €
Číslo inzerátu: 87028 (Auto - Prodej)

First year of Chrysler production. The first American car to compete at the 24H of Le Mans. Well-maintained, low mileage car with beautiful patina Highly original example, once repainted in its original color scheme 3300 cc, 6-Cylinder egine, 68bhp...


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